Maternity & Family

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Do you provide wardrobes?

We have a beautiful collection of maternity gowns, form-fitting dresses, and robes provided for your session. You are also welcome to bring your own wardrobes, our photographer will discuss wardrobe option with you before your session.

Can I bring my partner and other family members for the shoot?

We encourage you to bring your partner and other family members to joint your session. No extra charge for their love and support.

Where is photoshoot happening at?

Most of our moms choose to have the session in our studio, where you have full privacy. We can also provide home session and out door session, if you prefer.


If you are not so sure about when to take your maternity and baby pictures, use the guideline below.

  • 20 Weeks in Pregnancy

Contact us for your consultation. we will discuss the ideal shoot time, wardrobes and style that fit your vision. With fully understanding of your ideas, we will schedule your shoot.

  • 28 Weeks to 34 Weeks

Maternity photos are best captured between 28 and 34 weeks, most of moms shows the belly already, everybody is a little deferent, feel free to contact us for a consultation as soon as possible.

  • 5 to 14 Days after your baby is borne

This is the prime time to photograph your newborn baby. At this age, they are more likely to curl up in “womb-like” poses, stay asleep longer. If you are not able to bring your baby to our studio, our photographer also provide home session to help capture their precious look.

  • A Month - 100 Days - 6 Months - One year old

These are all good mile stone time for the first year baby. During there first year, the baby grows very fast, they grow out different phases, first, they can only lift their head, then they can turn on their own, then they can craw, later they can sit, by the time when they turn one years old, some baby can even walk without holding your hand. These are all moment worth capturing. Pick the best time for you and your baby, contact us sooner the better to make sure we have the right schedule for you.

拍摄时间线参考 - 完美记录你的孕期变化和宝宝的成长


  • 怀孕20周后


  • 怀孕28至34周


  • 宝宝出生后5至14天


  • 宝宝满月-百天-半岁-周岁